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UnaryMinus - Class in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr
UnaryMinus(Expression) - Constructor for class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.UnaryMinus
uniqueColumns(RelationName) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.dbschema.DatabaseSchemaInspector
Returns unique indexes defined on the table.
University - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
University_of_Karlsruhe - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
unregister() - Static method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.engine.QueryEngineD2RQ
UNSPECIFIED - Static variable in exception de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.D2RQException
UnsupportedDataType - Class in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.sql.types
UnsupportedDataType(int, String) - Constructor for class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.sql.types.UnsupportedDataType
update() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.sql.BeanCounter
Updates the instance fields with current static values.
URI - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.nodes.TypedNodeMaker
uriColumn - Variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.map.ResourceMap
uriColumn - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.D2RQ
Database column which contains URIs.
URIMakerRule - Class in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.find
The URI maker rule states that any URI that matches a URI pattern is not contained in a URI column.
URIMakerRule() - Constructor for class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.find.URIMakerRule
URIMakerRule.URIMakerRuleChecker - Class in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.find
URIMakerRule.URIMakerRuleChecker(Node) - Constructor for class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.find.URIMakerRule.URIMakerRuleChecker
uriPattern - Variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.map.ResourceMap
uriPattern - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.D2RQ
URI pattern with placeholders that will be filled with values from a database column.
uriSpace - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.VoID
uriSqlExpression - Variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.map.ResourceMap
uriSqlExpression - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.D2RQ
An SQL expression whose result will be the URI value of this property bridge.
url - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.SD
usage() - Method in class d2rq.d2r_query
usage() - Method in class d2rq.dump_rdf
usage() - Method in class d2rq.generate_mapping
usage() - Method in class d2rq.server
usage() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.CommandLineTool
useAllOptimizations - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.D2RQ
Whether to use bleeding edge optimizations
useConnectedDB(ConnectedDB) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.map.Database
This is a hack where we can pass a pre-existing ConnectedDB that will be used by this Database, so we avoid that the Database opens another connection to the same DB.
username - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.D2RQ
usesColumnFunctions() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.values.Pattern