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e_Business - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
editorialNote - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.SKOS
effectiveOp() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.engine.OpTableSQL
effectiveOp() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.engine.OpUnionTableSQL
email - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
Employee - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
empty() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.MutableRelation
empty(Set<Var>) - Static method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.NodeRelation
EMPTY - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.Relation
EMPTY - Static variable in interface de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.nodes.NodeMaker
enableMetadata - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.D2RConfig
Whether to enable all metadata generation.
encode(String) - Static method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.mapgen.IRIEncoder
%-encodes every character that is not in the iunreserved production of RFC 3987.
encode(String) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.values.Pattern.EncodeFunction
end() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.server.AutoReloadableDataset
Enterprise - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
equalAttribute(Attribute) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.Join
Equality - Class in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr
An expression that is TRUE iff its two constituent expressions are true.
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.AliasMap.Alias
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.AliasMap
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.Attribute
Compares this instance to another object.
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.ExpressionProjectionSpec
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.Join
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.OrderSpec
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.RelationName
Two relation names are identical if and only if they share the same name and schema, or they share the same name and both have no schema.
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Add
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.AttributeExpr
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.BinaryOperator
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.BooleanToIntegerCaseExpression
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Concatenation
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Conjunction
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Constant
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Disjunction
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Equality
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Multiply
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.NotNull
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.SQLExpression
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.map.TranslationTable.Translation
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.sql.ConnectedDB
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.values.Pattern
equals(Object) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.values.SQLExpressionValueMaker
equalTo(Op, NodeIsomorphismMap) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.engine.OpTableSQL
equalTo(Op, NodeIsomorphismMap) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.engine.OpUnionTableSQL
errorCode() - Method in exception de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.D2RQException
errorOnStartup() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.server.D2RServer
eval(QueryIterator, ExecutionContext) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.engine.OpTableSQL
eval(QueryIterator, ExecutionContext) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.engine.OpUnionTableSQL
Event - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
eventTitle - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.ISWC
example - Static variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.vocab.SKOS
execute() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.sql.SQLScriptLoader
expr1 - Variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.BinaryOperator
expr2 - Variable in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.BinaryOperator
expression() - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.OrderSpec
Expression - Class in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr
A SQL expression.
Expression() - Constructor for class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.expr.Expression
ExpressionProjectionSpec - Class in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra
ExpressionProjectionSpec(Expression) - Constructor for class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.ExpressionProjectionSpec
extendWith(Binding) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.algebra.NodeRelation
Joins this NodeRelation with a Binding.
extensionConvert(ExprFunction, List<Expression>) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.optimizer.expr.TransformExprToSQLApplyer
extensionSupports(ExprFunction) - Method in class de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.optimizer.expr.TransformExprToSQLApplyer
extractValue(Node) - Method in interface de.fuberlin.wiwiss.d2rq.nodes.TypedNodeMaker.NodeType